Powerful Web3 Transaction Security

TrustCheck is a free, zero-click browser extension that scans your ethereum-based web3 transactions for numerous threats, and stops them in their tracks. Instead of getting drained, don't be a victim: get TrustCheck.

Easy to Use and Understand

Whether its flagging phishing sites, drainers, spam loops, risky approvals, dangerous signing requests, or something else, we make it easy to understand what's about to happen when you transact.

Transact with Confidence 🙌

TrustCheck simulates transactions before they occur, uses its machine-learning engine to check for red flags, and analyzes data from over a dozen sources to detect threats. This results in a personalized, real-time security recommendation before you confirm your transaction.

Easy-to-use, zero setup

Hit "Add to Chrome", and the extension just works. No need to create an account or connect a wallet.

Powered by machine learning

Our ML-powered data engine works overtime to predict scams before they occur.

Data for the win

TrustCheck leverages data from over a dozen sources, and augments it with our real-time scam ops team.

Take "DYOR" to the next level

Get instant security recommendations and transaction analysis across the entire smart contract stack.


We'll explain a bit more about how our solution works.

How does TrustCheck work?
Can I pause TrustCheck?
What does TrustCheck check for? - Quick Summary
What does TrustCheck check for? - In Depth
What does each check mean?
Does TrustCheck have access to my personal information or crypto assets?
What types of wallets are supported?
What cryptocurrencies are supported?
Are NFTs supported?
What does machine learning have to do with anything?
How well does TrustCheck work?
What are some common scams?
Why did you make this product? Why now?

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